King’s Heath Business Review 1912

The society obtained a copy of the South Birmingham and District Illustrated Review for 1912.  The entries for King’s Heath are reproduced within this document and this gives a snapshot of the commercial life within the suburb.  King’s Heath had become part of Greater Birmingham in 1911 and according to the Review had become the second largest city in the British Empire.

The early part of the 20th century, before The Great War, was considered by some to be a golden age.  Major events in Birmingham, such as the opening of the Elan Valley water supply in 1904 and The University of Birmingham in 1909 by Edward V11 and Queen Alexandra, would have been witnessed by citizens of King’s Heath who at the time were not part of the city but who got their utilities such as gas, water, electricity and tram service from the city.

The Review gives a view of a lost world as many of the men and boys who worked in the retail trade in King’s Heath were to perish in The Great War.

Bob Blackham April 2020